Micro Mobility
von Merlin Ouboter
August 29, 2016

Suit-up and race off! In Zusammenarbeit mit dem holländischen Fashion Label Suitsupply entwickelten wir das Micro x Suitsupply Race Case.

Both companies managed to get ahead of competition with their tireless pioneer spirit and position themselves at the forefront of their markets. Suitsupply provides tailored suits from high-quality italian fabrics and bold colours. Through the symbiosis of two companies with a focus on outstanding design and quality the Race Case was developed.

It is scooter and suitcase in one, that means that it can be used as a scooter, but also as a regular trolley. With one turn of the hand the deck can be folded down and you can cruise through the airport with this suitcase. The Race Case is ideal for weekend trips, since you can take it as hand luggage. The finish out of Italian calfskin gives the luggage ist elegance and turns it into a true eye-catcher on every airport. It is exclusively available in Suitsupply shops or on their online shop.