Micro Mobility
von Merlin Ouboter
November 7, 2016

In Baden-Württemberg, Germany, jurors of Focus Open 2016 evaluate, the best designs and products from around the world. Mini2Go Deluxe Plus won the Special Mention Award.

Why is the Mini2go steadily gaining prices? We are happy to clarify it for you:

Sit on, drive off - for children from an age of 18 months. The Mini2go steering works with weight transfering which has positive effects on motor skills and balance of the children. Under the seat there is a removable storage drawer for toys and snacks for the little ones. In case your child gets tired you can always mount the push bar on the Mini2go and you can easily push your kid around. The push bar can be stowed in the drawer if not in use. 

Another plus of Mini2Go is its longevity: If the child gets older, you can adjust the handlebar and remove the seat with the drawer. Then the Mini2Go is transformed into a conventional Mini Micro and can be driven till the age of five.