Micro Mobility
Micro Deluxe
von Marianna Azzarito
August 31, 2016

With an improved, enchanting appearance, the new Micro Deluxe line is manufactured with only the finest components, and innovative colour combinations ensure that children travel with style!

Our children's products based around the Mini and Maxi have enjoyed the success of a strong market position for many years. They have won countless international design and functionality prizes, are recommended as an educational toy by renowned doctors and, although they have been copied many times, their quality has never been replicated. Most importantly, they have brought additional fun, happiness and a smile to the lips of millions of children all over the world. We are, as everyone knows, untiring in our efforts to improve and optimise our products.

The Micro Deluxe line is more than just a toy. It is a statement that says your children ride safely and in style. Height adjustment of the handlebar means the product grows with the child, transforming it from a mere object to a true companion as soon as the child leaves the house. The additional grip on the deck gives the rider a particularly secure hold, and the anodised handlebar adds to the extremely classy appearance of the Micro Deluxe line. In addition, the deck of both the mini micro deluxe and maxi micro deluxe has been reinforced. But the Deluxe line ensures that children enjoy something even more important: a lot of fun.