Micro Mobility
Wim Ouboter
CEO and Founder

I love the emicro one because of its uncomparable driving experience. For shorter distances I like the Micro Scooter Eazy because of its practical folding mechanism, which allows compact folding with just one kick.

Janine Ouboter
CFO & Marketing

I possess a Maxi Micro DELUXE foldable in blue, which brings me everywhere and can even be folded.

We are mobility!
Marcus Porsche
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

My favorite scooter is the Micro Scooter Luggage, because I am travelling often and can save a lot of time with it on airports and trainstations.

Reto Kuster

My absolute favorite is the Micro Sprite. The reason is the smile on my daughters faces when they ride their scooters.

20 Jahre Micro!
Pascal Joos
Head of Product Management & CEO Micro China

I like the Micro Pedalflow the most, because it gives you a unique feeling while riding it.

Ursula Meili
Sales Manager

Sprite: I have got 2 of them: one right by the entrance of our apartment for easy use and running errands in the close neighbourhood. The other one I keep in the trunk to overcome short distances between destination and the next available parking lot.

Patrick Meier
Sales Manager

I’m a big fan oft he Micro Black Interlock. I’m daily driving it from home to the train station and because of the integrated locking system I can leave my scooter without any concern.

Innovation und höchste Qualität
Thomas Pohl
Sales Manager International

My choice is definitely the emicro one. Stylish, sportive and powerful. It is much more than a regular e-scoooter. Since I love the sportive interaction, the pedalflow is real fun and a light fitness exercise.  Scooting, keeps me mentally and physically fit.

Gian Zimmermann
Product Manager emicro One

It's always a great experience to speed through the city jungle with the emicro one and see the slightly irritated looks of the passers-by who are left behind.

David Meier
Sales Manager Schweiz

My favorite: Micro Scooter Monster Bullet.

With the Monster Bullet, driving pleasure is nearly guaranteed. Thanks to it’s special carving wheel, you can really cut the curves. A feeling of snow powder riding or surfing on the sea.  This makes a lot of fun and keeps fit.

Simon Roduit

The new MX Core XL is the perfect freestyle scooter for riders my height.

Regula Wägeli

My favorite scooter is the Micro Flex 200mm. Naturally a matching light and a bell should not be missed. With this scooter I’m fast enough to catch up with my kids, and with the proper accessories they can also see me.

Nothing beats the original – ever!
Oliver Ouboter

I like riding the Micro Scooter Suspension, because it ensures not only a very comfortable ride, but also has a simple and good design.

Marianna Azzarito

My favorite scooter is the Maxi Micro Deluxe Foldbale „bright coral“ He’s just practical and thanks to it’s folable bar i can easily store it in my car.

Merlin Ouboter

My favorite product is the Kickboard Original because as a child i was the youngest test driver of the first Kickboard.

Tobias Holzer

The emicro one is a small revolution of urban mobility for me. I couldn't imagine another mean of transport, that brings me to work that comfortable. It also gives you an unique driving feeling.

Benj Friant
Manager of the MX freestyle team

My favorite scooter is the MX Benj Lavender, which I specifically developed for the use in skateparks.

Kristine Hess
Backoffice Onlineshop

I like the Micro 3in1 alot. My godchild Lea is 2 years old, and can move perfectly and also has fun while doing driving with the Micro 3in1.

Claudia Zuberbühler

My personal favorite is the Micro Black. With it’s big wheels, moving is very easy, and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Nicole Honold

I'm a big fan of the Micro Trike, wich I gifted to my godchild (18 months). She loves the feeling when driving the Trike, and it allows us a convenient shopping tour without having space problems with the buggy.

Stephan Nickel

My Boys (9 and 11) also have a Crossneck XL and a Benj Scooter. IPn order to follow them over the jumps and curbs, i chose a MX Crossneck XL.

Sascha Frei
Logistik & Backoffice

My favorite product is the emicro one. Every morning i’m cruising from my front door to the train station without waiting for any bus. Further i dont have any space problems in the train, because you can fold it easily and put it under the seat.

Monique Raymann
Backoffice & Customer Care

My favorite scooter ist he Micro Speed+ Mint, because the size of the wheels and the color are just perfect. I am riding it every day from the parking lot to the office.

Kevin Böhlen
Backoffice / Spezialist spare parts

I think the emicro one is ingenious, because i can move from A to B fast, without much effort. Even without electric support, when the battery is low, moving is still easy. I use the emicro on my way to work, or for shorter distances in town, that i don’t have to use my car.

Luca Serio
Repair Service

My favorite scooter is the e-micro one, because in the morning I’m faster then the bus. In the train it’s even easy to store it under the seat.

We reinvent mobility – for everybody!
Sergio Paratore
Repair Service

My favorite scooter is the Benjj Scooter. He’s light, practical, noiseless and very stable, perfect to drive to the train station from home.

Alex Glaus

Mein Lieblingsscooter ist der Micro Rocket. Ich finde das Design einmalig, und die Rollen verleiten ein sehr sicheres Fahrgefühl.

Seit 1996 das stärkste Team
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