Let's make way for the toddler express!

Even the smallest of toddlers will soon be able to enjoy Micro mobility, thanks to our latest innovation : The new Mini Micro with seat means that kids as young as 12 months can be mobile -   and the fun and astonished gazes of onlookers are thrown in for free!

Even toddlers have a need for simple, uncomplicated mobility today. Parents find it an enormous relief when their children are mobile as early as possible and gain a small measure of independence. However, this has only been possible for kids from the age of 2 with the Mini Micro up until now. Now Micro Mobility Systems has developed the 3in1 Mini Micro with seat to accommodate even the smallest toddlers.

This product is distinguished by its multi-functionality. It can be used in three different variants, and children can enjoy it from the age of 1 to 5 years.  The seat and new O-handlebar can be fitted for 1-year-old kiddies,   creating a mixture of a walker scooter and the popular Mini Micro. The child sits on it and moves forward by pushing with its feet, just as with a walker scooter. The Mini Micro with seat is steered with the familiar kickboard steering system that functions through weight transfer and helps children to learn balance, co-ordination and motor skills.

As soon as the child feels more confident on its feet, the seat can be simply removed and the product used in the same manner as a conventional Mini Micro, first with the somewhat shorter O-handlebar and, later, with the reliable T-bar from about the age of 3. The product grows with the child and is eventually transformed into the award-winning Toy of the Year, the Mini Micro. 

“Various conversations with mothers and fathers indicated to us that kids as young as 2 have a need for mobility, so we considered how we could meet this demand. We came up with the idea of developing the Mini Micro further, and the result was the 3in1 Mini Micro with seat. Intensive tests have already been conducted with the target group, and the feedback is very positive indeed”, explained Micro inventor Wim Ouboter. It will be available as of middle of February 2012 in pink and blue. So let’s make way for the toddler express!